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Bodie:"The Mines Are Looking Well ..."

Bodie State Historic Park's thoroughly researched
and extensively illustrated history
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"Michael Piatt, in this brilliantly and exhaustively researched book, has produced a history of the famous Mono County gold mining community like no other, combining both the lure and lore of its colorful past with a systematic and energetic account of the industry that made the town."

- Gary Kurutz, California State Library

More than a decade in the making, this important work by Michael H. Piatt is the first book to tell the complete story of Bodie — from the arrival of prospector W.S. Body in 1859 to the quiet departure a century later of the dying town's last residents.

Tracing the rise and fall of the famous ghost town, Bodie: "The Mines Are Looking Well . . ." unravels the mystery of the mines that determined the town's fate. Woven into this golden narrative are tales of life in a remote rough-and-tumble community - lively accounts of fortunes won and lost, stock market shenanigans, engineering marvels, and the continuous challenge of extracting precious metals from the earth.

The sources used to uncover these dramatic stories include newspapers from Bodie and neighboring towns, mining journals, government reports, and publications by technical societies. Principle among eyewitness accounts are interviews with the late prospector, miner, and mill hand, Robert T. Bell, the last person to have worked in Bodie's mines.

In addition to an extensive photo collection displaying more than 130 historic images, this book includes maps, sketches, sidebars, detailed source notes, and a glossary of Bodie's mining terms.

Standard Mill, old car in foreground, Bodie State Historic Park
Standard Mill, Bodie State Historic Park

Standard Mill, interior, Bodie State Historic Park
Standard Mill Interior, Bodie State Historic Park

schoolhouse interior, Bodie State Historic Park
Schoolhouse, Bodie State Historic Park

Lent Shaft, Bodie, 1895
Lent Shaft, 1895
Francis H. Frederick collection, courtesy
California Division of Mines and Geology
Table of Contents:
Main Street, Bodie State Historic Park• A Place Called Bodie: The Setting
• Bonanza! 1877-1878
• "Great Scott! What a Mine!" 1879
• "The Greatest Gold Mine the World Has   Ever Seen" 1880
• Boom and Bust on Silver Hill 1881-1882
• "A Quiet Town Is Bodie Today" 1883-1889
• "There Is Much Encouragement to Look Forward To" 1890-1899
• "The Ore Was Mined at an Actual Loss" 1900-1915
• Leasers Work the Mines 1915-1942
• Epilogue 1942-Present

Bodie: "The Mines Are Looking Well . . ."
The History of the Bodie Mining District, Mono County, California
By Michael H. Piatt

288 Pages 8 1/2" x 11" * 130 Photographs, Maps, Index
Paperback $29.95 * ISBN 0-9725200-0-7
Cloth Cover $39.95 * ISBN 0-9725200-5-8

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