Useful Links for More Information about Bodie:
The Ghost Town and its History

Bodie Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the gold mining ghost town of Bodie. Its volunteers raise money on behalf of Bodie State Historic Park. Also see Bodie Foundation on Facebook.

"The Road to Bodie"
A 4 minute, 40 second video clip of the modern-day drive into Bodie, California.

"The Real West, Not So Wild"
National Public Radio segment on Bodie and other ghost towns.

Authentic Boomtown Saloon Music
Performed on piano by Dave Bourne.

Authentic Wild West Brass Band Music
Performed by Territorial Brass.

Photos of Bodie and More
James C. Ritchie's Bodie photos appearing on this site and in Michael H. Piatt's volume, "Bodie, The Mines are Looking Well ..." are among those that can be viewed at his website.

The Bodie Store
Purchase Bodie books and other items. Proceeds benefit the Bodie Foundation.

View of Main Street, historic Bodie, California

Calico vs. Bodie official ghosttown argument
The Calico sheriff stresses a point while arguing with Bodie historian Michael Piatt. (Authorís collection, December 2007) California's
Ghost Town?

NPR featured the tussel over whether Bodie or Calico deserves the designation. The State Legislature finally declared Bodie the official gold mining ghost town, and Calico would become the state's official silver mining ghost town.
Listen to the report